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Sedap Indo Catering

SedapIndo provides catering service of authentic Indonesian foods delivered throughout San Francisco/Bayarea.

Sedap Indo established in 2014

Sedap Indo was originally started by several founding partners who feel the absence of authentic Indonesian foods in nothern California, and would like to share the original Indonesian culinary experience not only for Indonesian diaspora in San Franciso/Bayarea, but also for the general populace in the area.

About Sedap Indo

We were born and raised in Indonesia, love the foods so much that we learned to cook Indonesian food from our moms, aunties, grandma and friends in Indonesia. We migrated to the Bay Area a long time ago and brought what we knew in Indonesian cooking to share with our friends and family the authentic Indonesian cuisines. Now we want to share the best Indonesian cuisine with the people in the Bay Area, so that everyone can treasure and enjoy!

Sedap Indo publishes its menu every Saturday, and the orders will be available for pick up the following Thursday, or delivery by Taro/Qulinary on Friday. Sedap Indo customer base has been growing steadily ever since the catering service was launched four years ago throughout San Francisco and Bayarea.

Ordering foods from SedapIndo website is very easy: 1. For pickup and select area delivery only: Choose from the menu items and specify the item(s) and the order numbers in email to 2. For general delivery: Download and install Taro/Qulinary mobile apps and select, place your order in the apps. If you'd like to be included in the weekly menu mailing list, please specify your email address and send the request to

Sedap Indo